What is the All-In Campaign?
All-In is an annual fundraising effort for Toledo Public Schools Foundation exclusive to TPS staff. Staff gifts made during this campaign will count toward the 2021-2022 Toledo Public Schools Foundation Annual Campaign. 100% of proceeds collected from staff in the All-In Campaign will go to programs and initiatives invested in students and teachers.

Why is it important for staff to support the All-In Campaign?
TPSF is the only entity that solely supports Toledo Public Schools. As we reach out to the community and bring resources into the district we feel it is just as important to ask our own to invest in our mission as well. We are 100% committed to supporting both teachers and students through supplemental funding in educational programing and enrichment activities that will successfully challenge students to learn and grow. We are here to help you!

All individuals who give a gift of $200 or more will receive a leather-bound notebook!

Can you contribute $5/week? — the cost of that trip to Starbucks?

All individuals who give a gift of $500 or more will not only receive their own TPS Foundation water bottle, but they will able be entered into a drawing to win 30 reusable water bottles to hand out to their class!

This is just too exciting! The school that has the highest participation will win a Creative Impact Grant of $2,500 to be used in the classroom/project of their choice for the 2021/2022 school year. 

**At least 50% of the staff within a school

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Questions? Check out this FAQ!

TPSF was originally established to provide scholarships to graduating seniors. And for decades that was our focus. With rapid social change, increased diversity, and demands for accountability the education landscape has changed dramatically.

Public Schools are facing increasing demands with a decrease in resources. Today, the foundation partners with TPS with a new agenda because support from public sources is simply not enough to provide the resource base needed to operate the schools of the future. Together we are connecting philanthropy and education by actively reaching out to the community to invest in the future, our children.

Every gift is important. Whatever amount, your gift shows that you believe in the mission of Toledo Public Schools Foundation. A large number of “small” gifts add up. Every dollar counts.

While all it takes to participate is $1, we encourage you to consider giving by payroll deduction. A gift of $25 per month shows your commitment to the success of the supplemental funding for educational programs, academic initiatives and scholarships.

The All-In campaign will run from October 18, 2021 – November 19, 2021. It is encouraged, for your convenience, to sign up for payroll deduction. Your first deduction will not take place until September of 2022.

Deductions are a minimum of $1 per month and are collected 10 times per year. Payroll deduction will begin in September of 2022 and end in June of 2023.

There will be 10 total deductions (one per month on the first pay of each month).

For example:

  • $250 gift would be $25 deducted from one pay check per month
  • $5 per month is a total gift of $50.

Yes, your gift is tax deductible!

Employees whose spouses work for companies that offer a matching gift program have an opportunity to double or even triple their gifts made during the All-In Campaign. The donor’s spouse will need to contact the human resources department of his or her employer to obtain the appropriate matching gift form. The matching gift form should then be completed and sent to:

ATTN: Erica Halada
TPS Foundation
1609 N Summit St.
Toledo, OH 43604

Please email Executive Director, Erica Halada at [email protected] and or Ashley Yoakam at [email protected]


Your gift can help educate the next generation of regional and world leaders.