You may have seen quite a few posts on our social media pages talking about the Creative Impact Grants. Not sure what they are? We wanted to share with you not only what they are but how you can help support the Creative Impact Grants!

Jessica Ely – Teacher at Marshall STEMM Academy 

Also featured Marshall STEMM Academy Principal Douglas Bell and  TPS Foundation Program & Grants Coordinator Ashley Yoakam

What is a Creative Impact Grant? 

Grants in the amount of $500-$2,500 are available through application for teachers. They are designed to enable teachers to bring innovative and exciting ideas, techniques and resources into the classroom.

I am a TPS teacher – how can I apply? 

We will have an application available through a link on our website! Our application window is open the fall semester of each school year (August – October). Once the application window is closed we have a team who reviews the applications.

Michelle Frame – Teacher at Longfellow Elementary School

How can I help fund the Creative Impact Grants?

The Toledo Public Schools Foundation is committed to expand, compliment and supplement current initiatives in place, moving the district forward. If you are looking to help support these initiatives please click here to donate today!

Erin Clinton – Teacher at McKinley STEMM Academy

Also featured McKinley STEMM Academy Principal Christina Ramsey

Be sure to check out our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) to see all of our Creative Impact Grant recipients from the 2019-2020 school year!