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Board Member Perspective – The Value of TPSF

My name is Matt Mishler and I understand the importance of education and quality schools.  I have been a member of the Toledo Public Schools Foundation for many years, having joined when I was with a local phone company.   I am not a TPS alumni but by the time I had graduated High School I had attended 13 different schools, so I have first-hand experience with many kinds of schools. Some were small private schools where I was the only student in my class and others were large public schools with over 1,000 students in my grade alone.  My parents were missionaries in Latin America, and we moved a lot which introduced me to a wide array of education styles.  Attending that many schools you learn to make friends and to stick up for yourself.  But you also learn the importance of good teachers that can inspire and how critical supportive resources are for teachers, administrators and families as a part of the education package.

Today I am very impressed with all that is available for a TPS student and what the district has grown into.  Part of the TPS mission is to produce college and career ready graduates and they are putting in place everything that is needed to do just that.  Students are able to take advantage of getting a jump start in college with a significant number of credits completed prior to their high school graduation.

If college isn’t in their plan, TPS students have amazing choices for work in the trades.  With over 30 possible options available in the TPS career tech program, students can graduate and be work ready in these high demand and high paying professions.  There is a big need for skilled workers in NW Ohio today.  Many workers are aging out of the current workforce and the ongoing strong economy continues to drive investment in the area.  These and other factors create a great opportunity for students today with many choices on which to build a solid lifelong career.  Family support and hard work are still critical but having the opportunities presented to the students in a no tuition cost environment can position them for a great lifetime of success.

For a municipality to succeed and thrive it needs to be a great place to live.  This would include not only good roads and healthcare but also high-quality schools.  Toledo Public Schools is critical to the future of the area.  Good schools will help to draw future investment and therefor jobs to Toledo.  A productive and fulfilled populace will drive the overall quality of life of the entire region for years to come.  A quality education starts with that one kid, that one family and that one teacher that makes a difference.  The Toledo Public Schools Foundation also wants to make a difference, not only with big grand plans, but also meaningful differences that touch the lives of individuals.  Helping them to understand the achievable value they inherently have within themselves and the endless possibilities available to them.

Creative Impact Grants 2021-2022

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves “What is a Creative Impact Grant?” and don’t feel bad, as we get this question quite often. However, we are here to share what it is and maybe you can share the word about Creative Impact Grants to others. Maybe you know someone who works in the Toledo Public School district, or maybe you would like to support our grant program – the choices are endless!

Our Creative Impact Grant program was designed to help teachers bring creative and innovative ideas into their classrooms. These ideas and innovations must align with curriculum and are not eligible to be covered by funds within the district. We encourage the teachers and staff to think outside the box and think big!

In the last three years, the Foundation has awarded over $81,000 to teachers across the district through our Creative Impact Grant program! Our next round of grant opportunities is officially OPEN! Teachers, staff and student groups are now able to apply for a Creative Impact Grant!

Want to learn more about our Creative Impact Grants? Click here to learn more!

**Note Creative Impact Grants are only available to teachers, staff and student groups within the Toledo Public School district.

2020-2021 Annual Campaign Report 

Hard to believe we closed the books on the 2020-2021 year! The grand total for dollars raised by Toledo Public Schools Foundation for the 2020-2021 year is….

Over 200 donors invested in TPS children and teachers and we couldn’t be more grateful. So many amazing things to come thanks to their support. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You are writing the future with us!

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